I couldn't find a good hotel and restaurant map of the hotel zone in Grenada.  So, I made my own.  This was done after much walking and note taking.  You won't find one on the island as I had hoped.  It just doesn't exist. Until now.




Feel free to copy.






       The view from our cottage porch on Carriacou at the Green Roof Inn.  Very quiet and peaceful.               


The restaurant at the Green Roof is called the Terrace.  It was great.  Fine sea food caught within a stones throw of your table.  The first evening Dave and Lori had the Barracuda in a white wine sauce.  The next evening's dinner consisted of pork chops and  Dorado.  The Dorado was very fresh.  The service was excellent and there is even a small bar for a pre-dinner drink.  This restaurant is more like a small European eatery.  Lunch on Carriacou is an adventure.  You have the chicken, fish, or beef lunch.  You choose.  Sort of a take-out mind set.  This is the view from the Terrace restaurant.

There are a few cows on Carriacou, I think I frightened this one.       Being alone on the beach is common on

 Carriacou.        A starfish Lori saved.  

On the ferry ride back to Grenada, we were surrounded by a cricket team.    The ferry ride is 1.5 hours on the fast ferry.  The slow one is 2 hours and a rougher ride.


  Back on Grenada's Grand Anse Beach there are "no dogs allowed on the beach" signs every where.  Dogs can't read!!

  Local soccer team jogging on Grand Anse.  In the background is Mount Cinnamon and Flamboyant resorts.

Dining after 5 pm is a dressy affair ( long pants for the guys and skirts for the gals) at most of the restaurants.

We tended toward pizza from the local Italian place up the road (La Boulangerie) across the street from the Spice Land mall.  You don't hear much about it but if you want to hear people conversing in Italian that's the place.  Good pastries too.  Very popular with the locals and tourist alike.  


  Grand Anse Beach.  This is the time of day it turns pink.  It gets romantic at night.       

                             The rainforest is fascinating.  Well worth a guided tour.     Flora.


The nutmeg factory was very interesting.    Right out of the 1800's                                             Sack stencils                                              Two school  girls politely posing 

This was probably the least amount of snorkeling we have done in a long time.  Grenada does not seem to be a great snorkel or dive destination.